Vanessa Inn believes that Radical Empathy is key to our personal and global evolution.  At age four, Vanessa drowned and was brought back to life.  She emerged from the near death experience infused with the knowing of the Oneness that connects all of life.  This set her on an unconventional path of self-guided inquiry and mastery.  She spent her youth sampling various religions at neighborhood churches in Upstate New York, studying psychology with academic passion and deeply exploring eastern philosophies.  In her 20’s, she developed expertise in homeopathy and became a respected Tai Chi teacher.  Throughout, she stayed actively attuned to emerging trends in neuroscience, behavioral psychology and quantum physics.  By age 30, she established a private practice that blended ancient wisdom and modern science, forging a unique methodology that helps people understand the power intrinsic to their stories, a power that can unleash their full potential.  Today, with more than 30,000 sessions to her credit and a loyal following of clients who have attained success on the world stage–including a range of Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy winners–Vanessa is committed to sharing her method, insight and wisdom with a larger audience.

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