Tatyana Kanzaveli

Tatyana Kanzaveli has broad experiences in sales/marketing/business development, technology and professional services. She held executive roles in number of start-ups and large multinationals. She was an early adopter of social media/social networking channels, using them to build successful online and face-to-face communities. Tatyana in the Founder and CEO of Open Cancer Network . She is also a mentor at 500Startups. She is a TEDxBayArea licensee, organizer of TEDxBayArea events and producer of TEDxBayArea TEDWomen event. Tatyana also runs Bay Area Executives meetup and Global Social CRM roundtables. She is a frequent speaker at conferences here in US and also internationally. She also is an adviser to selected startups.

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Francine Gordon

Francine Gordon, Ph.D. is Chair of SDForum Tech Women and co-Organizer of the TEDxBayArea Women program. A pioneer in the modern women’s movement, upon completion of her PhD from Yale she began her professional life as one of the first two women on the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She’s held senior management roles at several high tech firms, spent 5+ years with Boston Consulting Group as a Global Organization Manager, and co-founded a professional repertory theatre. She is currently writing a book on gender and innovation (Womennovation). CEO of the F Gordon Group, Francine works with global companies addressing innovation, teamwork, leadership, and the advancement of women.

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Tatiana Kvitka

Tatiana Kvitka has held senior management roles in international sales and marketing in hi-tech companies in the US and Europe. Being a passionate promoter of clean energy, she was instrumental in setting up the biggest smart energy network in Russia and in transferring this experience to other countries worldwide. She is TEDxBayArea co-organizer, runs an annual music gathering of Bay Area Musicians and Open Cancer Network meet up.
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Host: Heather Gold

Heather Gold is a writer and performer whom boingboing calls “brilliant” and “one of our favourite comedians.” A web veteran, Heather was part of Apple’s group at the forefront of webcasting. She began applying interactive elements to live performance and has since made over 50,000 cookies with ‘audiences’ in her hit solo show “I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify As A Cookie.” Heather works in the space where theatre meets the Internet. She co-founded and hosted TummelVision.

Heather performs, keynotes and consults about creating with conversation, emotion and genuine connection in a networked world at venues and companies like Ars Nova in NY, Shotgun Players, SF Sketchfest, Web 2.0, Institute For The Future, Australia’s Web Directions South, Automattic, Google, and SXSW.

Heather has appeared with Maria Bamford, Bill Irwin and written for Alan Cumming. She’s headlined MacWorld and hosted many talk shows and panels with guests like Larry Lessig, Ev Williams and Jane McGonigal. She’s was recently a creative advisor to Tiffany Shlain’s hit AOL series The Future Starts Here. Heather has appeared in Wired, WSJ, NPR, and regularly contributes to the CBC. Much to her parents’ delight she has degrees from Yale and Northwestern Law.

Photo from David Hawe.