Sue Taggart

Sue Taggart is the founder of ADinfinitum, the leading full service agency for the natural, and healthy lifestyle and wellness industry. In addition to being the driving force behind the company, she acts as its Chief Brand Strategist for a diverse roster of national and international clients. A traditional marketer by nature, Sue’s passion lies in the process of branding in all of its forms – firmly believing that a brand is a company’s most valuable asset.

Sue possesses a rare combination of creative chutzpah, candid intelligence and a futurist’s ability to forecast the next big industry trend. Add to that her extensive experience with health & wellness, natural & organic products, sustainable & environmental programs, women’s issues, marketing, design and product launches, and you see why she is recognized as a national leader in brand development.

Born and raised in England, Sue started her career in pharmacology, which sparked her life-long love of health and wellness products and services. After founding and running a creative agency outside London, Sue moved to the U.S. to pursue her dream of running a New York City agency and launched ADinfinitum over two decades ago. A personal health challenge threatened her ability to work with her usual full-throttle gusto, and she was introduced to herbal and dietary supplements that together with lifestyle changes, literally saved her life. This caused her to refocus the mission of the agency towards promoting brands that sustain us and our planet.
Twitter: @ADinfinitumny