Alena Popova

Alena was a nominee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 4th convocation in the Novosibirsk region.  She is a member of the organizing committee of the movement “For Fair Elections”.


An advocate of female entrepreneurship, Alena co-founded the  Startup Women Project – a women’s business association that brings together active and future businesswoman to help them raise money for their IT ideas.


She actively supports social entrepreneurship projects because of her commitment to that kind of activity.  For this reason, she studies and shares best practices of social innovation.


Alena has been an business-angel since 2000.  The online-school for startups that founded eventually became part of Startup-Afisha, the central service portal for the start-up market in Russia.


She initiated the 1st practical conference Gov2Russia to showcase best Russian practices. Alena founded eGovLive, which aims to monitor and promote e-government projects in Russia. In the framework Code4Russia she organized open IT-expertise for eGov projects.

2012, Moscow, Russia
Founder of Open Project Foundation

Open Project Foundation is focused on civil activities, social innovation, and other projects which are designed to improve the social and political life for developing civil society in Russia. Some products of the foundation are OpenDuma project (livebroadcasting from the State Duma for ordinary citizens), InData (Russian School of data-Journalism and data and inforgraphics competitions) and OpenAction (united media resource about structure and news of the protest action).
Twitter: @alenapopova