Elsa Kim (more)

Title of Talk:   Learning Language Through Motion

Elsa Kim is speaking in behalf of Words With Bears- the winning team at the 2011 Women2.0 Bay Area Startup Weekend.

Elsa is a co-founder of Words With Bears, a language learning software platform that uses the groundbreaking Kinect to teach language through action. The vision of the company is to innovate at the intersection of education, learning games, and Kinect technology.

Elsa graduated from Harvard with a degree in Social Studies where she wrote her honors thesis on Buckminster Fuller, Stewart Brand, and the intersection of technology and the 1960s counterculture. She currently work as a Project and Data Product Manager at Fwix, an internet startup in San Francisco that provides geotagging solutions and aggregates local data. She has performed research on human expression online with Web Ecology Project, worked at Digitas, and written for various publications.

Her co-creators are Judy Tuan, Jennifer Arguello, James Elkins, and Lukas Blakk. Judy brought the founding concept to Startup Weekend, and is an active member of the Bay Area gaming community and the OpenKinect community. Jennifer worked on the Kinect speech recognition team at Microsoft and currently works as a Product Manager at Mozilla. Lukas also works at Mozilla as a Release Engineer. James is a QA Engineer for Palantir Technologies and graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Information Science. Judy, Jennifer, and Lukas are all members of Women Who Code. Learn more and follow Words With Bears as we grow at http://www.wordswithbears.com.

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