Drue Kataoka (more)

Drue (www.drue.net), a graduate of Stanford University, is a contemporary artist, born in Tokyo and trained in Sumi-e.  Her artworks have integrated Asian brush painting techniques with shattered mirrors, time dilation, gunshots, hospital beds, alpine snow water and storm and heartbeat recordings.  She received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute Award for her extensive community service.  Drue’s commissioned art includes: a painting for the first Zero Gravity art exhibition in space on the International Space Station; album cover art and jazz portraits for grammy award winner Wynton Marsalis; and multiple collaborations with winemakers including original labels for Jim Clendenen.   Her clients range from Fortune 500 CEOs to private individuals and families..

Drue has been named a Cultural Leader by the World Economic Forum. She has presented solo sessions at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, and the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China as well as given talks at TEDx Tokyo & TEDx Silicon Valley.  Her work has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, Stanford Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Chronicle of Higher Education, and many others.  She established the Drue Kataoka art scholarship for youth in 2001.

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