Elena Danielson (more…)

Talk: Voices from the Past: Secrets from the Hoover Archives

Elena Danielson, PhD, Archivist emerita worked in the Hoover Institution Archives at Stanford for 27 years, and was the director for the last ten of those years. With more than sixty million items, the Hoover archival collections constitute one of the world’s largest repositories of materials on the twentieth-century social, economic, and political change.  Elena enjoyed unearthing the voices and images of the past from those vast resources. Throughout her career, she helped exhibit images and texts from the Archives in the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the Guggenheim in New York, the Royal Castle in Warsaw, and the parliament building in Moscow, among others.  Elena worked on the project to microfilm the archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State. Under her direction, the Archives at Hoover were augmented to include correspondences of the Romanov family, the papers of Boris Pasternak, the papers of Andrei Siniavskii, and many others. In 2004, Danielson was awarded the National Order of Merit (rank of commander) from the President of Romania for her important role in the preservation of Romanian collections.  This year she published a book, “The Ethical Archivist”.