Myra H. Strober (more…)

Talk: Interdisciplinary Conversations: Why They are Critical for Women’s Issues

Myra Strober is a labor economist at Stanford University where she is Emerita Professor of Education and Emerita Professor of Economics at the Graduate School of Business (by courtesy). Her book, Interdisciplinary Conversations: Challenging Habits of Thought, has just been published by Stanford University Press.

Dr. Strober has been on the faculty at Stanford since 1972. She was the founding director of Stanford’s Center for Research on Women (now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research) and her research has focused on gender issues at work. She is the co-author of The Road Winds Uphill all the Way: Gender, Work, and Family in the United States and Japan, and the co-editor of Bringing Women into Management. She has 5 grandchildren and is currently working on her memoir, Grandma is a Feminist Economist.