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Title: Return on Investment on Women’s Education

Almaz Negash, Managing Partner of Entwine Global, was the director of the Global Leadership & Ethics program at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University and chaired the Economic Empowerment of Women theme in the development of the 1st Women Leaders Intercultural Forum.  She is also co-founder of Global Women Leadership Network at Santa Clara University.

As director of the Markkula Center for Ethics Global Leadership and Ethics Program at Santa Clara University, Almaz Negash worked with global leadership organizations to promote global ethical and moral issues. The program sought to harness the moral voice of world leaders and the power of media to advance workable solutions to worldwide problems.

Among her many global work, Negash chaired the theme on Economic Empowerment of Women in the development of the first Women Leaders Intercultural Forum (WILF), a five-year initiative of the Ethical Globalization (EGI) headed by the Hon. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland.  The purpose of WILF is to enable women leaders to bridge global divides and to make strides on issues that commonly affect them.

Currently, consulting for Step Up Silicon Valley; a campaign to cut poverty by fifty percent in Santa Clara County by 2020.  She serves a Sr. Advisor to WE CARE SOLAR –, an organization dedicated to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality in developing countries by overcoming deficiencies in emergency obstetric care related to unreliable electricity.

Almaz is contributing author of the book Awakening Social Responsibility – and has written numerous articles on global trade, social and education issues.  Her recent article on Knowledge Transfer; the case of Sub-Saharan Africa was published by The Edge of Skoll Foundation. She holds MBA from GGU and BA from USF.